Friday, November 25, 2011


I love food, and I have such great memories related to food.
This is thanks to the wonderful cooks who put their love and care into their creations. My mom, my grandmother, and friends… I firmly believe that the person’s intentions and mood suffuse the food he or she is cooking.

The other day, my dear friend said to me: “make sure you say ‘itadakimasu’ every time you eat.” (“Itadakimasu” is a Japanese saying that means “I accept it with respect”; people say it right before their meals.) I said to myself, “ I always do!” Yet, as I realized to my surprise, I did not! I had been saying it before formal meals, but not every time I eat/drink. So I started to say it with an all-encompassing appreciation.

Knowingly or not, we exist by taking other forms of life. To take a moment to appreciate this brings about a profound appreciation.

By the way, a friend of mine has been writing an awesome food blog. She is so full of awareness at so many levels!
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