Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chaco Canyon チャコキャニオン

 Chaco Canyon is  a sacred place located in Northwestern New Mexico. It is said that it was a major cultural hub for Pueblo People.  Many clans trace a direct relationship to Chaco.


The construction took over 400 years, there are ruins you can still see. The scale of this area is enormous – I could not even begin to visit the site within a day, by car and on foot. It is truly mind-blowing to imagine how it was constructed, and how people traveled to visit this site, on foot. 


 Some researchers had found out a very interesting fact: All structures are lined up according to the trajectory of the sun. And there are special marks that appear on Summer and Winter solstice.  People who constructed and used this site had disappeared by the 13th century. And there is not much left to tell what really had happened.


Visiting a site like this makes me think that what I know as world history is merely a reflection of some people’s points of view.