Sunday, March 11, 2012


A year has passed since the day Tohoku earthquake happened in Japan.
I still feel unsettled when I think about it. First of all I feel powerless when I imagine the circumstances many people are still going through. I feel anxious about  the unknown facts and unmeasured impact  of the major meltdown of a nuclear power plant.
I feel guilty that I have not really done anything to help ease people’s suffering.
Many prayers went to the victims and people suffering  worldwide. At the zen center I live, I had a chance to offer incense at a special ceremony they held.  


While I was contemplating what I can do, I learned about this photography exhibition by Kazuma Obara.
His photographs  document the disturbing impact so painfully well, and at the same time capture people’s determination to stay calm, kind, and be hopeful.
By reading his profile, I learned that he is from the area which was affected by “the triple disaster” , and after that fateful day, he decided to quit his full time job at a financial company to answer his call, which is to witness and to document what is going on in the area.


His photographs speaks to me about so many things at so many levels.