Saturday, March 10, 2012

About my habit 模様替え大好き

It became clear to me that I love organizing,  re-organizing. moving things,  create a new look,. I could have become a good display designer , if I trained myself properly.

 I arrived to this zen center two and half month ago.  Fortunately, I have a cozy private  room. The size is about 8x 9 feet.  I have few furniture including a bed, which occupies about a half of the room space.   The crazy thing is that I kept rearranging the room completely – sometimes  every week. , sometimes  every other week. 

 You would think there are not much to do in this space, with limited option, but actually you can do a lot!  I keep coming up with different combinations of furniture, hanging things, bring in a piece of wood as a table, etc etc.
Finally, two weeks ago, I reached to the point I call “ the best  arrangement” and I was happy for 3 weeks.  – then today, an inspiration came, and I  changed it again! This time, I got rid of a book shelf , put some hooks, changed the direction of the bed… Stuck computer screen, started to put things on the wall… And it is another BEST arrangement.  I had a great fun!
I am curious to  see  how many more possibilities I will come up.  : )
 ついに2週間前、”これがベスト!”と思えるようなアレンジができ、3週間変えずにいたのですが、本日全く新しいアイデアがわき、また変えちゃいました!本棚を取り除いて、壁にフックをとりつけ、ベッドの方向、コンピューターのスクリーンの置き方をかえて、、またまた ”これがベスト”! すごく楽しかった。