Friday, July 8, 2011

for the love of donkey!

I made a wonderful friend around our love of donkey!
Cynthia is an artist who creates intricate sculptures.
Now, how did I meet her?
Well... I forgot how to log into my blogging account for "The Curious
Donkey" and had to search a bit, and... What do I know? I stumbled on
Cynthias blog, a blog entitled "A Donkey Diary "! 
I was impressed with her love for the donkeys! Turns out she was
living not too far from my friend whom I was about to visit.
So, I had the chance to meet Cynthia at her donkeyland on that
beautiful island.
Cynthiaは、カナダのバンクーバー島に住むアーティストで、家で三頭のロバを飼っている。そして彼らとの生活について"A Donkey Diary "というブログを書いている。7月にバンクーバー島に住む友人を訪ねるついでに彼女のdonkeylandにお邪魔してきました。
There, the donkeys Siog, Deenah and Dorica live, their lives touched
by Cynthia's great love and care. I fell in love with them at once.
This was the first time I was meeting donkeys up close. They not only
were very nice to me, they also tried to impress me with their
tricks. (Cynthia does clicker training, a training based on positive
reinforcement.) They were very intelligent beings.

Siog, Deenah とDoricaはとっても人懐っこくてかわいい!

All this proved that they were, indeed, very curious , also!
I was right!

Please visit Cynthia's blog and my web album to see more photographs
of those lovely companions!